What is MedImmune Access 360™?

Access 360 is a comprehensive referral and reimbursement program that helps your patients have access to the care they need. The program has been created to help patients with reimbursement and administrative challenges they may face.

Coverage and Reimbursement Support

Coverage and Reimbursement Support

The key to timely access to product is patient coverage. Access 360 has a team of dedicated specialists available to assist patients in identifying coverage specific to their prescribed MedImmune products. Once coverage is identified, Access 360 can help support the referral process as well as address barriers to access, such as prior authorization, denials, and patient out-of-pocket costs. Learn more.

Coverage and Reimbursement Support

Referral Submission

Access 360 can assist you and your practice by making the referral process efficient and easy to understand. Referrals can be faxed to 1-866-252-1749 or submitted online through the Access 360 Provider Portal at www.MyAccess360Portal.com.

Coverage and Reimbursement Support

Patient Access Programs

MedImmune is dedicated to helping patients have unencumbered access to necessary MedImmune products. Our patient access programs assist patients with high out-of-pocket costs. MedImmune provides products at no cost to eligible patients who are uninsured or rendered uninsured. Learn more.

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Coverage and
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