Access 360 can assist you and your patients

Getting Started

Getting Started

Benefit Investigation

Helps you identify and understand prescription coverage, out-of-pocket costs, and pharmacy options

Prior Authorization Support

Helps you understand prior authorization requirements for insurance and obtain a response for submitted requests

Pharmacy Research

Helps you identify your patient’s pharmacy options and helps with the prescription process

Getting Access

Getting Access

Pharmacy Coordination

Assists with pharmacy coordination, whether distribution is through a Specialty Pharmacy Provider, Specialty Distributor and in-office dispensing, retail pharmacy, home health, or any combination of these

Follow-Up Support

Helps your patients access AstraZeneca medicines in a timely manner. Access 360 can follow up on submissions to an insurance company or a pharmacy

Claims and Appeal Process Support

Reviews a denial, helps you understand insurance appeal requirements, and obtains a response for submitted requests

Patient Affordability

Patient Affordability

Identifies the best available option to help qualified patients access and afford their medications