Getting Started

Benefits Investigation

Access 360 can help you identify your patient’s coverage, out-of-pocket costs, and pharmacy options. Read more.

Prior Authorization

Access 360 can help you understand insurance prior authorization requirements and obtain a response from insurance for submitted requests. Read more.

Pharmacy Research

Access 360 can help you identify your patient’s pharmacy options and help with the prescription process. Read more.

Getting Access

Pharmacy Coordination

Access 360 can assist with pharmacy coordination, whether distribution is through a Specialty Pharmacy Provider, Specialty Distributor and in-office dispensing, retail pharmacy, home health, or any combination of these. Read more.

Follow-Up Support

To help your patients access AstraZeneca medicines in a timely manner Access 360 can follow up on submissions to an insurance company or a pharmacy. Read more.

Appeal Support

Access 360 can review a denial and help you understand insurance appeal requirements and obtain a response from insurance for submitted requests. Read more.

Alternative Coverage

Following a denied appeal, Access 360 can help you find alternative options for your patient. Read more.

Coding and Reimbursement

Access 360 provides coding and coverage support to facilitate reimbursement for prescribed AstraZeneca medicine your patient needs. Support and resources are for informational purposes only and are not intended as coding or reimbursement advice. Read more.

Affordability Support

At AstraZeneca, we believe it’s not enough for us to simply make medicines. We have to make sure that the people who need those medicines can get them. We offer a number of programs to help patients afford our medicines. To learn more click here.

You can also call Access 360 to learn more about programs that may be available for AstraZeneca medicines or if you don’t find a program on our web pages that you’re looking for. Please call Access 360 at 1-844-275-2360. Read more.