Helping you access the care you need

If your doctor has prescribed select AstraZeneca medicines, you may have questions.

The AstraZeneca Access 360 program can help. We can answer your questions about:

  • Insurance coverage for your medicine
  • Your out-of-pocket costs
  • Financial support
  • Pharmacies that stock or deliver your medicine
  • Nurse and other educational help

To learn more about the AstraZeneca Access 360 program, please call 1-844-ASK-A360 (1-844-275-2360) Monday – Friday 8 AM – 8 PM EST.

For more information about affordability programs, click here.

Contact Access 360

Monday – Friday from 8 AM – 8 PM ET, excluding holidays

Phone: 1-844-ASK-A360 (1-844-275-2360)

Fax: 1-844-FAX-A360 (1-844-329-2360)