Frequently Asked Questions About Access 360

What is the difference between the My LOKELMA Support Program and Access 360?

  • The My LOKELMA Support Program provides a variety of support services, including access and reimbursement, affordability, and patient education. Access 360 is a component of the My LOKELMA Support Program; it provides access and reimbursement support to patients prescribed LOKELMA who have insurance and affordability questions

I may need help paying for my medication, what are my options?

  • AstraZeneca has programs that can help. Let’s start by identifying the type of health insurance you currently have
    • If you have commercial health insurance, you may qualify for the LOKELMA Co-pay Savings Card
    • If you have government-funded health insurance, you may qualify for our prescription savings program, AZ&Me, or assistance from independent charitable foundations
    • If you have no health insurance, you may qualify for our free-drug program, AZ&Me
  • For more information about patient affordability options, eligibility requirements, and the enrollment process after your doctor has prescribed a medication for you, click here

Will my insurance cover my medication?

  • An Access 360 Reimbursement Counselor can conduct a detailed Benefit Investigation, after you have been prescribed select AstraZeneca medications, to determine your coverage options. Just have your insurance information handy and call 1-844-275-2360 to speak to someone today