Frequently Asked Questions About Access 360

I would like to enroll my patient in Access 360. What is my first step?

  • We have several ways by which you can enroll your patients into our programs
    • We have a Provider Portal that allows you to enroll and subsequently manage your patients in the program.
    • You also have the option of accessing the product-specific enrollment form from our website.
    • You can also start the enrollment process by calling an Access 360 Reimbursement Counselor at 1-844-275-2360. Please make sure you have patient and provider information handy when you call.
    • Access 360 enrollment and services can also be requested through CoverMyMeds and OncoEMR.

Once I enroll a patient into Access 360, how can I learn more about the AZ&Me Prescription Savings Program?

  • Once you enroll a patient into Access 360, your Reimbursement Counselor can provide additional information about the AZ&Me program for qualified patients

Once I enroll a patient into Access 360, is my eligible patient automatically enrolled in the Co-pay Savings Program?

  • If you have selected the “Co-pay Support” checkbox on the Access 360 enrollment form, your eligible patient will be automatically enrolled in the Co-pay Savings Program

I initiated a Benefit Investigation for my patient. How can I check the status and identify next steps?

  • Depending on how the request was initiated, there could be different ways of checking the status. Access 360 will normally send you a fax outlining the patient’s coverage after completing the Benefit Investigation. The fax will also contain the appropriate next steps
  • If you requested the Benefit Investigation through the Provider Portal, a research summary and next steps can be found on the patient’s page in the Portal
  • You can also call Access 360 to request an update and one of our agents will walk you through the research summary and provide you with the next steps

My office is blocked from sending/receiving faxes from 1-800 numbers. What other options are available?

  • Access 360 has an alternate fax number for such occasions. If your office blocks 1-800 numbers, please fax documents and correspondence to 301-576-5797

Why does Access 360 rely primarily on faxing documents and correspondence, instead of e-mail?

  • We rely more on fax transmission to stay HIPAA compliant and ensure your patient’s information does not get into the wrong hands. E-mail is not yet a secure mechanism for end-to-end information transfer. To discuss other ways of communicating with Access 360, please call to speak with a reimbursement counselor at 1-844-275-2360